Edson Pumps
Edson Diaphragm Pumps
Diaphragm Pump

Performance Features

  • Pumps Suspended Solids
  • Self-Priming from a Dry Start
  • Powerful Suction Lift
  • Safe to Run Dry Indefinitely
  • Low Emulsion
  • No Sheering Action
  • Pumps available through 40 gpm

Design Features

  • Multiple Drives: Air, Electric,
    Gasoline & Manual
  • Choice of Anodized Aluminum,
    Marine Bronze or Chemical
    Resistant Coated Models
  • Non-Clogging Flow-Thru Design
  • Easy to Install, Clean and
  • Fixed Mount and Portable
    Versions Available
  • Industrial Hardened for Years
    of Reliable Service
  • Extended-Life Reinforced
Simply Reliable
Edson Diaphragm Pumps are the most popular of all Edson Pumps due to their simplicity, reliability and convenience. They are an excellent choice for groundwater remediation, containment transfers, dewatering, oil and water separations, marina and campground sewage collection, as well as tank, sump and drum transfers, filtration applications, and the collection and transfer of abrasives, slurries and other waste liquids.
2500 Series
Electric Air
Gasoline Manual

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