Data Sheets


Edson provides helpful Data Sheets and Manuals to see the breakdown of the pump, the job it can do or what you might want to have with that pump. Pumps can be used in the marine industry for many different purposes, whether it is a wash down center or emergency bilge pump, Edson has the pump for you.


Pumpout Products


120ELB            Basic Diaphragm Pumpout


120GLB            Basic Diaphragm Gasoline Powered Pumpout


120ELB            Diaphragm Pumpout Station


161-A-2153      Explosion Proof Momentary Start/Stop Switch


161-A-2324      Control Panel


161-A-3275      Explosion Proof Upgrade


217MB             Basic Manual Diaphragm Pumpout


25200              Series Double Diaphragm Pump


25000              Double Diaphragm Pumpout


26170              Stainless Steel  Pump Enclosure


265PL              Recessed Hydrant Mount and Hydrant


270BR-05        Bronze Pumpout Station Hydrant


276-150            Vacuum Test Guage


281                   Wash-Down Stations


28202               Pumpout Caddy


28204               Pumpout Cart 40 Gallon


28206               Pumpout Cart 60 Gallon


28212               Pumpout Cart 115 Gallon


283WT              Waste Transfer Stations


286EP               Peristaltic Pumpout Station


286EP-281        Pump-n-Rinse


289                   Dry Disconnect Hydrant System


290-10-1HP       Vacuum Pumpout Station, 1 HP


261-XX-150       261 Pumpout Hose Assemblies


29110                Self Propelled Cart


Manual Diaphragm Pumps


117-30               30 GPM Lever Action Side Inlet Pump


165-18               18 GPM Portable Pump Kit


165-30               30 GPM Portable Pump Kit


167                    Manually Operated Grout Pump


217-18               18 GPM Lever Action Side Inlet Pump


254-18               18 GPM Offset Drive Pump (2007-2015)


256-18               18 GPM Vertical Mount Pump


258-18               18 GPM Wall Mount Pump

554-30               30 GPM Offset Drive Bottom Inlet Pump  
557-30               30 GPM Offset Drive Side Inlet Pump  
638-30               30 GPM Lever Action Side Bottom Inlet Pump  
Replacement Diaphragms & Valve Assemblies  

Powered Single Diaphragm Pumps

120A                  Air Powered Diaphragm Pump  
120E                  Electric Powered Diaphragm Pump  
120G                  Gasoline Powered Diaphragm Pump  
220A                  Air Powered Diaphragm Pump  
120A & 220A Clearing Air Motor Valves   
Replacement Diaphragms & Valve Assemblies  

Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps


25200                 Series Double Diaphragm Pump


Replacement Diaphragms & Valve Assemblies (Viton®)


Replacement Diaphragms & Valve Assemblies (Neoprene®) 


Peristaltic Pumps & Rotary Lobe


286EP-.75HP      Blue Series Peristaltic Pump


286EP                 Peristaltic Pumpout Station


28631                 Silver Series Peristaltic Pump


28623                 Platinum Series Peristaltic Pump


288RL-3hp          Rotary Lobe Pump


Vacuum Pumps

290-10-2210-01  1HP Vacuum Pumping System  
290-235-03          Portable Vacuum Unit, 235 Gallon  
290-235-06E        Vacuum Pump Unit, 235 Gallon, 7.5 HP