Marine Pump Applications


Edson pumps are engineered for the marine industry, and built to last in the saltwater environment. Reinforced diaphragms and simple mechanical components make Edson pumps a top choice among mariners for over 157 years.

Edson diaphragm pumps are primarily designed for the collection and transfer of waste liquids and pumping liquids with suspended solids. All of Edson's diaphragm pumps are capable of handling liquids with large suspended solids without clogging, have the capability to prime from dry starts, and are able to run dry. Edson diaphragm pumps also have the added feature of low-emulsive, non-sheering pumping action. The below list of basic performance applications highlights their use in cleaning up our environment and controlling the disposal of liquid waste:

  • Bilge Pumps
  • On-Board Holding Tank Pumps
  • Pumpout Stations
  • Light Dredging
  • Emergency De-watering
  • Boatyard Utility Pumps
  • Oil Spill Cleanup
  • Wash-down Stations