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Vacuum Pumps


Vacuum Pumps

The Edson Vacuum Pumping Systems are by far the most versatile pumps we manufacture. Simple, reliable and powerful pumping stations that use negative vacuum (up to 22 hg) and positive compressed air (up to 25 psi) to transfer just about any combination of liquid and solids. These compact, powerful pumping stations are being used for: Transfer Pumps - sucking oil and other industrial waste products from small containers and moving them to larger storage or treatment containers. Automatic Sump Pumps - reclaiming coolant in machine centers and transferring grease and food waste from restaurant separation sumps. Marine Sewage Pumps - emptying sewage from boat holding tanks at marinas. Remediation Pumps - sucking out the scale, foam and sludge during in ground tank cleaning applications & groundwater oil reclamation applications. The effective DRY SUCTION Lift of 25 ft, the ability to handle LARGE SUSPENDED SOLIDS, the LOW EMULSION TRANSFER of media and the AUTOMATIC features are just part of the unique design of the Edson Vacuum Pumping System. One very important characteristic of the design is that, since we use compressed air to do the work, the drive components are not effected by RUN DRY CONDITION, the size of the suction or discharge line or whether they get blocked up.

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