Portable 1 HP Compact Vacuum Pump Unit (290-35-2210)

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This 1 HP model is designed around a powerful 20 CFM rotary vane air pump that can pump liquid at suction lifts to 25 ft. (22" hg) and discharge heads up to 23 ft. (10 psi). Pumping rates as high as 30 gpm and as low as 5 gpm are possible. The low emulsive, low shear transfer action make this systems ideal for the following:

Ground water remediation

Waste oil recovery

Containment transfers

Vapor extraction

Oil water separation Sump clean up

Waste liquids collection 

The rotary vane air pump creates a vacuum in the transfer cell. This vacuum will draw slurry into the stainless steel cell at up to 25ft. suction lift. When the 35 gallon tank is full it automatically pressurizes the cell discharging the slurry to drain at up to 23ft. discharge head. After the cell is discharged the cycle runs continually until manually shut off or the timed auto-off feature engages.